I.T Rooms

Temperature control is vital for any data IT room. IT equipment requires specific temperatures in order to function at maximum capacity and prevent any potential damages. Computer hardware generates lots of heat, particularly during summer months. It is not uncommon for equipment to malfunction due to overheating and if a data centre or IT system goes down, it can subsequently affect the running of any sized business. Neglecting to maintain room temperatures can lead to additional costs to replace equipment and is therefore essential to consider for your business.

We will base each project tailored to your requirements. We provide advice to IT Managers, Building Managers and IT room and Computer Room Managers, who manage the operation of these types of rooms. We work for businesses, from Blue chip companies, to medium and small sized organisations. During our free site survey, our team will assess your data and IT room and advise you on the best solution. We install, maintain and service air conditioning systems for server and data rooms.

Our team at CEN Air is dedicated to delivering customized air conditioning solutions for IT and data rooms, focusing on reliability, energy efficiency, and optimal cooling, to ensure your critical systems operate without interruption, thereby protecting your business investments and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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